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BGM/BGP Wood Bundlers

The BGM/BGP Wood Bundlers offer the perfect solution for professional firewood bundling. They are ideal for split wood up to 100 cm in length. The wood is simply placed using the tensioning strap, provided as an option, then bundled and set down ready to be stored or transported. The BGM and BGP standard models have a Cat. I and II three-point linkage, with the BGP also having a front linkage.

The master bundler comes with a volume of 0.5 or 1.0 cubic metre. Its low empty weight of 150 kg or 180 kg makes it very flexible and easy to handle. The bundled wood can be tilted out either to the right or the left.

Your plus points:
  • High cost effectiveness
  • Ideally set up for one-person operation
  • Low empty weight – just 180 kg or 320 kg
  • Bundled wood is immediately ready to transport
  • Easy handling leads to time savings
  • Low space requirements