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Spaltknecht Horizontal Splitter

The Spaltknecht (SK) Horizontal Splitter from Kretzer offers particularly cost-effective solutions for splitting metre-long logs in the agriculture, forestry and timber industries. 

Practical and production-tested details guarantee ergonomically perfect workflows, top-notch safety, impressive splitting performance and exemplary ease of maintenance and longevity.

The accessories available for every SK model include appropriate suspension and various splitting blades with up to 8 parts.

All Spaltknecht models are available with different drive types, adapted to your requirements and operating conditions.

Your plus points:
Comparison of technical data
  • Ergonomic workflows
  • Hydraulic lifting mechanism
    (standard in some models)
  • Retractable transport cylinders
  • Splitting length up to 120 cm - customised up to 2 m
  • Splitting pressure up to 30 t
  • Cat. I + II three-point linkage
  • Suspension available as an option

SK1200/30: Uncompromising strength.

Its special plus points are the two hydraulically adjustable side bolsters, each of which can be controlled separately. This allows for the log to be effortlessly centred against the splitting blade. If both side bolsters are set horizontally, they create a flat working surface on which the wood can be easily turned to the desired position. The flat wood loading trough and the smooth lifting forks makes it easier to move the wood along with a hookaroon. The optimised splitting speed of around four seconds running forwards and around seven seconds running backwards enables quick, cost-effective work. 

SK 900/20 and SK 900/24: The powerhouses

The SK 900/20 and SK 900/24 models are practically identical in their construction and offer a perfect combination of performance and manoeuvrability. With splitting pressures of 20 t and 24 t, they deliver the perfect splitting results – though they weigh only 700 kg. The 24 t design can also be fitted with an 80 L pump and speed valve.


  • The powerhouses for community wood splitting and demanding users.
  • Splitting length up to 115 cm
  • Standard model with 2- or 4-piece splitting blade, hydraulically adjusted
  • 6- and 8-piece splitting blades available
  • Standard model with hydraulic lifting device
  • Empty weight approx. 700 kg and up

SK 900/24 with suspension

Perfectly shaped splitting area. Side bolsters (pat.) can be hydraulically adjusted for optimal wood positioning.


  • Independent oil supply
  • 2/4 pc. adjustable splitting cross
  • Hydraulic lifting mechanism
  • Support wheel
Spalt Kreuz
Spalt 1200
Spalt 900/20 und 900/24
Spalt 900/15